Monday, February 27, 2012

Dos Hermanas y Sevilla

I feel so blessed to be teaching these people!!! right now, since i dont have a companion in dos hermanas, i am going to be staying with the hermanas in sevilla for this coming week. I will be traveling by train three times this week to dos hermanas to teach some lessons to these three investigators with members. then next monday or tuesday another hermana will be coming to be my companion for about week.... then after that week i wil get my permanent companion. it looks like i will be training again! wow!!!!! ahh. i keep being challenged by the Lord to work harder and harder. I know that I will continue to be blessed!!! Even thoug hthese last few weeks have been really hard, I am still happy, and I am still feeling good. Thanks for your support and for everything. I love you all so much. 

So, one thing that you might be interested in knowing is that the office elder called this week to ask me about when i would be going home. my normal release date is 7 feb. 2013. however, i told him that i need to come home early to get to school. he told me that he thinks my new releae date will be 6 december!!! it is not set in stone, but thats what it looks like! so, i think ill be home next christmas! we´ll see though. we have a new president coming in, so things might change, but it looks like that is it!!! wow! crazy, huh? the real date that i would be going home is dec. 27, but the church doesn't want to send people home two days after christmas, so looks like ill come home then! we´ll see!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

7 Months!!!?!?!

So! How was everyone´s valentines day??!! We hada relief society activity where we decorated heart shaped cupcakes! haha it was pretty fun! So this week was pretty good. Kind of tough as far as the work goes--However, we have some great things happening thisweek and we are going to work hard to find new people to teach!
So today I complete 7 months in themission! can you believe it??!!! Time fliees by soooo quickly!! It is funny because in the mission sometimes it really feels like days go by slowly but that weeks and months go by really fast!!!

This week we ate with members everyday!! sometimes two time a day! uggh. I think the newness will wear off soon and we will not have so many eating citas... however, a few of these eating appointments are worth mentioning! First, Ricardo and Juanita are fromBolivia and Argentina. They live out in the campo in the middle of an olive grove!!!!! ricardo takes care of the olive trees for his job. It was soooo cool!!! unfortunately, it was night time and i could not see much, but they invited us to come back during the day sometime so that we could walk around the olive grove andall.. there are over 1000 trees there!!

Another great eating cita that we had was with the Black family.... AMERICANS!!!!!!! Brother Black is in the military and works on the base closeby. They are about the age of Crystal and Jess, and they have a 10 year old, 7 year old, and a 1 year old!!! how perfect! I felt like I was in crystal or Jess´s house!!! it was soooo amazing to have dinner and just talk to americans and just enjoy our culture! and our food! we had excellent ribs!!!! also, sister black offered to buy us whatever we want from the american food store on base! we already have a list of things that we want... for example: pancake mix, lucky charms, kraft mac and cheese, peanutbutter cups, root beer..... etc. hahaha I cant wait!!! i had SO much fun being in their home!!!

things are going great. im happy. i really like it here in the Sevilla area. everything looks more like what I imagines spain to look like. Also, there are Flamenco dresses EVERYWHERE. I amso happy I am here on my mission.I cant imagine my life without this experience already. What a blessing that I am here.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hermana Letendre's Birthday Week!!!! :)

So things are going great here. I cannt believe that it is my birthday this week! i am getting old!!!! I found a member in the ward who has the same birthday as me! how cool! we are going over her house this week, so ia m going to bring her a little chocolate or something as a birthday present! The ward here is great. we took time this week to go over to a lot of members houses, it was really great to get to know them. There are a bot of great people. The ward here is about 60% inactive, so there are a lot of les active members that we need to meet. The Bishop here is really great, and is willing to help us a lot. THere are also a few sets of Americans in our ward! it is really exciting.... but the sad part is that they all live in Utrera, which is the Elder´s area, so we probably wont see them tooo much. But i Really like this area. It is letting me see a different side of Spain. I love La Mancha, and really miss the members there, but I really love the feel down here in Sevilla. It is more of what you imagine Spain to look like and be like. Here in the summer is gets SUPER hot, so hopefully I will be out of here by then! it gets to like 40-45 degrees celcius, which is soooooo hot! look that up to see that it is in F.

We are actually headed off to Ikea today! since the piso we live in used to be the elders, we dont really have very much kitchen stuff, so we are going to go buy stuff and get reimbursed by the mission for it! i am excited! anyways, i have to go...