Monday, March 26, 2012

Baptism in Dos Hermanas!

yesterday, I witnessed one of my own investigators be baptized for the first time on my mission! It is going to be difficult for me to describe all that I want to say. Yesterday evening was one of the very best experience I have ever had. 

Last night, his baptismal service was something really special. The members of the ward really come out to support him. The baptism took place in Sevilla at the brand new stake center-- it was so beautiful. We had the chapel almost full of people! My companion and I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost, and we also did a special musical number right before the baptism-- one of the elders played guitar while we sang I am a child of God.  The baptismal service itself was so spiritual. After Carlos rose up from the water, there was a huge smile on his face and he just looked over at us all and waved with all the excitment he had! After baptism, Carlos bore his testimony. This was the best moment for me. He said how the scriptures have changed his life and that every since he started going to church that he has felt so good. He expressed how proud he was of the step that he took, and said all of this with such sincerity that tears filled my eyes. This is what it is all about-- helping others come unto Christ by making and keeping covenents with God. I love this work. I cannot wait to keep helping others-- and finding those who are waiting for me. I cannot wait to find those other people who Heavenly Father is entrusting me to bring into His fold. After the baptism I asked Carlos how he felt and he said GREAT!!! I am finally a member!!!  I couldnt have asked for a better experience. This baptism was definately worth the wait! Remember that each of us can have this experience--- the joy that comes from bringing souls unto Christ is waiting for all of us-- see D&C 18:10-16.I love you all and miss you!  

I have attached a few photos of the baptism! I hope you enjoy them!! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Back in Dos Hermanas!

So I am back in Dos Hermanas with a permanent companion! it feel so good! I traveled to malaga this week to pick up my new companion. It was so fun to go to the mission home again!  I just love going to the mission home. President and Hermana Clegg really are like my parents here on the mission (dont worry mom and dad, I still miss you! haha). It really feels a little like being home when I am there.  Thursday night, just the missionaries who were going to be training were at the mission home-- we had a trainers training meeting, which was great. I love this work, and I am so blessed to be here. 

It was great to be there in Malaga, but it is also great to be back in Dos Hermanas. We have a baptism coming up on Sunday!!!!!!! I cannot wait! Carlos and Kevin will be getting baptized. We have worked so much with them preparing them, and they have so many righteous desires to follow christ. i will tell you more next week.  i miss you all so much!

 Hermana Collett and Hermana Letendre at Setenil.  A pueblo blanco in the province of Cadiz.
 Hermana Letendre, Hermana Sturgess and Hermana Torres hanging out in Malaga.
 Valerie in Plaza de Expana in Sevilla!  It is soooo beautiful!
 A family that Val and her companion are teaching in Dos Hermanas.
 Relief Society Activity Celebration for the Anniversary of Relief Society.
 All of the missionaries that will be training new missionaries this transfer as they were waiting for their new companions!
President and Hermana Clegg, Valerie and her new companion Hermana Roderick.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Another Week in Sevilla and Dos Hermanas

The american restaurant last week was good but a little pricey. I had a burger, which was actully pretty good, and a banana split! haha. it was pretty fun, and the inside looked like a 50s style diner.. it was really fun!

the best thing is that the 13 year old boy that I have been teaching  is for sure getting baptized!I cannot wait!! He is the most spiritually mature 13 year old that I have ever met.. He has so many wonderful thoughts about thigns, and he just loves church, and he just wants to do the right thing! His baptism was supposed to be the 18th, but we have decided to postpone it one week so that his grandmother, which has been traveling, will be able to be there. His grandmother has been taught  by the missionaries a few different times, and I really think that when she sees her grandson getting baptized that she will want to as well! I just cant wait! He has already been to a youg mens activity and he will be going to another this coming weekend! how great is that???!!!  I feel so blessed to be themissionary that gets to teach him. I cant just see him being a great leader in the church one day... and a missionary! I really think that he will stay strong and will serve a mission! I cannot wait!!!!
So this week has reallly been focused on him and preparing him for baptism. It is so amazing how the Lord prepares people. Carlos is so prepared. The spirit has taught him so much, and he has such a thirst for knowledge. When I first met him, he didnt really seem to have interest.... but when he watched the film about the restoration, everything changed. He all of a sudden began to understand. He is so amazing! I wish you call could meet him!!! 
This week I will be going to Malaga on Thursday and Friday to pick up my new companion! I will be training again, like i said before. This will be great! I really like training. You have the chance to really work with someone and help them to grow intot he missionary that they want to be. I feel so blessed to have the chance to train again.
Today for P Day we are going to go inot sevilla to see the cathedral there. google it. it is either the 2nd or 3rd largest cathedral in the world!!! it should be great!!!
I love the work that I am doing, and it is so amazing to see such grteat changes in peoples lives! thanks for your love and support!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Back to Do Hermanas Tomorrow!

so things are going well here. it has been a strange week because i have been living in sevilla with the hermanas here and traveling in to dos hermanas by train a few evenings a week to do some lessons there.  i CANNOT WAIT to get back to dos hermanas. i will receive a temporary companion tonight and tomorrow morning we will be back there. it has been rough to be here in sevilla because i feel like i am just watching things happen a little bit. it is amazing how as a missionary you really come to love your area. you come to love the people, the place, everything.  i just want to work!!

so today for pday we are going to an american restaurant!!! it is like a 50s style diner with burgers shakes and stuff.... we will see how authentic this is!!! hahaha... sevilla is nice, but it is a really big city! i am glad I am serving in dos hermanas!!! ttoday i got my hair cut a little and went to corte ingles, which is like macys here in spain. it is wonderful!!! i have been wanting to go there for  so long!!

ok, well i really need to go. cant think of whether there is anything else that i need to write. i love you all and i miss you all!!!