Monday, April 30, 2012

More pictures!

So this week went by so fast! I cannot believe how quickly time is going by! This week I will have exactly 7 months left here in Spain. it is hard to believe. time is going by faster and faster! I love you all and I think about you all so often. thank you for your love and support!!! I love receiving your letters and pictures!

This week we also had specialized training the president and Hermana Clegg! It was sooo great to see them. I am convinced that we have the BEST mission president and his wife in the world!!! they did special training sessions with each district, so we got a lot of time to just talk with them, and we had a question and answer session with them as welll. It was great! I will attach a photo of me with them! 

It is time for Feria here in Sevilla. It is so cool to walk around and see women dressed in Flamenco dresses!! Next weeks i the Feria here in Dos Hermanas and we are going to try to go so hopefully i will be able to send some photos next week! 

The work is going pretty well here! It is amazing how much the Lord´s hand is in our work. There are so many times when our original plans do not work out, but that the Lord blesses us with other plans to talk with people that we were not expecting to meet.

one awesome thing i learned about dos hermanas-- this is a FUN fact to put on my blog! the band los del rio (i think thats what it is) who wrote the song la macarena is from dos hermanas and they live here!!!!!!!! that is dos hermanas´claim to fame! the macarena!!! hahahhaahhahahaha love it! 

me in plaza de españa in sevilla

 me, my comp and nancy in sevilla!!

 me and president and hermana clegg!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Lots of Photos from Dos Hermanas

Things are going well here in Dos Hermanas!  so today rather than writing a lot, I am going to share some photos!!!  i hope that you enjoy them!

1. a plaza in sevilla all set up for semana santa! mea nd my companion hermana roderick 

2. a street sign we found in sevilla-- dos hermanas in dos hermanas!

3. a funny shirt that i thought dad would like. there are a lot of men here names pepe.... anyways the text on this shirt means  pepe, say something to me! hahhaa

4. me with the two women that got baptized last night! i didnt teach them, but i have had the chance to talk with both of them on occasions and they are great!!!  the one with the dark hair wasnt planning on getting baptized yesterday, but she ended up having her baptismal interview right before the baptism and decided to do it yesterday!!!! it was amazing!!! she knew that it was what the Lord wanted her to do. she is great!!

 5.  picture of an old palace that is like 1 minute from my house. now it is a club-restaurant. it is beautiful, huh?

 6. a plaza that is about 5 minutes from my apartment. i pass by this everyday. the monument is of the virgen de valme. it is the virgen of dos hermanas. 
 7. photo taken from the plaza int helast photo. some cafes and shops! can you see doña aceituna?? the best olive shop in the world!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

So Happy Easter! So! Here in Spain  the celebrate Semana Santa (Holy Week). There are processions in the street all week long, with  bands and a ton of peple in the streets! It was really interesting to see....I wrote a little about it last week, so I wont take the time to write about it this week!  Since they celebrate the whole week, they do not  really put a big focus on Easter Sunday. Anyways, I love easter. it is my favorite holiday. 
Anyways, I went to church and it was fast and testimony Sunday. It was truly an interesting Sunday. I had to lead the congregation in singing a capella because the piano player had to go home early... haha. that was an experience.

After church, we went over to Nancy´s house (member whose family is in England) to eat. We brought a special dessert froma  bakery and we had a spiritual thought about Easter. It was nice. Then after that it was back to business as usual.  I wish easter was as big of a holiday as christmas. I like easter. I like the tradtiion and the meaning. it is my favorite.
I hope you all enjoyed your easter. I miss you all so much! Today I am going bowling with the Elders!!! woo hooo!! haha it should be fun!

have a great week. remember that life is a gift and that we are here for a  reason-- to learn and grow and become more like our Heavenly Father. What a blessing that we have that knowleedge. If i didnt know that was true, I dont know how I would get through those difficult times in my life. Keep reading the scriptures and praying-- it is what truly keeps us  close to the Lord.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Easter in Sevilla

So Can you all believe that it is Easter already? Here in Spain, Semana Santa (Holy Week) started yesterday.Here in Sevilla is one of the regions where in Spain where they celebrate it the most. Every day there are processions where the differennt catholic brotherhoods will take out their images to the  street and havea  procession with a band... it is interesting. we actually had our first encounter withthis last night when we were walking home to our apartment. We got stuck, and could not pass streets tog et home for at leeast like 30 minutes. It was such an interesting experience! The tradition is interesting. it is hard to explain, but there were people everywhere, tehre were peple doing something called penetance in the streets marching with candles... yu should google it... they are people who are doing some  kinds of sacrifice and they dress is outfits.... sometimes they are white, sometimes other colors. interesting. anyways, it was quite a cultural experience!
I dont know what we will be doing for easter-- dont know if we will have any plans.. but HAPPY EASTER!!! I love easter. I think that  out of all of the holidays it is my favorite. The meaning of Easter is the most significant thing we could celebrate-- the atoning sacrifice of our savior and his triumphant resurrection. This is the reason why we have the opportunity to live with our families for eternity-- this is the reaso why we have the ablility to erase our mistakes through repentance, this is the reason why we can experience the consoling power of the savior´s love during our most difficult earthly trials. The atonement is somethign that i cannot even begin to comrepend, but that I know took place. I know that it is the center of the plan that God has for us, and I am infinately grateful. Take a look at Alma 7:11-13. It is a greatscripture about the atonement.... Christ suffered so that he would knnow how to succor us...that knowledge is simply amazing.
Things are going well here. I just got word today that it looks like 6 December will be my release date. See you call in 8 months! wow! I am really halfway done! weird!!  Anyways, I love you all and miss you so much.