Monday, April 16, 2012

Lots of Photos from Dos Hermanas

Things are going well here in Dos Hermanas!  so today rather than writing a lot, I am going to share some photos!!!  i hope that you enjoy them!

1. a plaza in sevilla all set up for semana santa! mea nd my companion hermana roderick 

2. a street sign we found in sevilla-- dos hermanas in dos hermanas!

3. a funny shirt that i thought dad would like. there are a lot of men here names pepe.... anyways the text on this shirt means  pepe, say something to me! hahhaa

4. me with the two women that got baptized last night! i didnt teach them, but i have had the chance to talk with both of them on occasions and they are great!!!  the one with the dark hair wasnt planning on getting baptized yesterday, but she ended up having her baptismal interview right before the baptism and decided to do it yesterday!!!! it was amazing!!! she knew that it was what the Lord wanted her to do. she is great!!

 5.  picture of an old palace that is like 1 minute from my house. now it is a club-restaurant. it is beautiful, huh?

 6. a plaza that is about 5 minutes from my apartment. i pass by this everyday. the monument is of the virgen de valme. it is the virgen of dos hermanas. 
 7. photo taken from the plaza int helast photo. some cafes and shops! can you see doña aceituna?? the best olive shop in the world!!!

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