Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

So Happy Easter! So! Here in Spain  the celebrate Semana Santa (Holy Week). There are processions in the street all week long, with  bands and a ton of peple in the streets! It was really interesting to see....I wrote a little about it last week, so I wont take the time to write about it this week!  Since they celebrate the whole week, they do not  really put a big focus on Easter Sunday. Anyways, I love easter. it is my favorite holiday. 
Anyways, I went to church and it was fast and testimony Sunday. It was truly an interesting Sunday. I had to lead the congregation in singing a capella because the piano player had to go home early... haha. that was an experience.

After church, we went over to Nancy´s house (member whose family is in England) to eat. We brought a special dessert froma  bakery and we had a spiritual thought about Easter. It was nice. Then after that it was back to business as usual.  I wish easter was as big of a holiday as christmas. I like easter. I like the tradtiion and the meaning. it is my favorite.
I hope you all enjoyed your easter. I miss you all so much! Today I am going bowling with the Elders!!! woo hooo!! haha it should be fun!

have a great week. remember that life is a gift and that we are here for a  reason-- to learn and grow and become more like our Heavenly Father. What a blessing that we have that knowleedge. If i didnt know that was true, I dont know how I would get through those difficult times in my life. Keep reading the scriptures and praying-- it is what truly keeps us  close to the Lord.

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