Monday, March 5, 2012

Back to Do Hermanas Tomorrow!

so things are going well here. it has been a strange week because i have been living in sevilla with the hermanas here and traveling in to dos hermanas by train a few evenings a week to do some lessons there.  i CANNOT WAIT to get back to dos hermanas. i will receive a temporary companion tonight and tomorrow morning we will be back there. it has been rough to be here in sevilla because i feel like i am just watching things happen a little bit. it is amazing how as a missionary you really come to love your area. you come to love the people, the place, everything.  i just want to work!!

so today for pday we are going to an american restaurant!!! it is like a 50s style diner with burgers shakes and stuff.... we will see how authentic this is!!! hahaha... sevilla is nice, but it is a really big city! i am glad I am serving in dos hermanas!!! ttoday i got my hair cut a little and went to corte ingles, which is like macys here in spain. it is wonderful!!! i have been wanting to go there for  so long!!

ok, well i really need to go. cant think of whether there is anything else that i need to write. i love you all and i miss you all!!! 

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