Monday, September 5, 2011

MTC / Visa Update!

I only have 15 days left in the MTC, crazy huh? my departure date is sept. 20! we checked on our visas this week and we found out that the spanish consulate office was closed for the whole month of august...we are hoping that they come any day. however, they said that if sept. 17 comes around and we have not heard about them by then, that we should go check in with the travel office, and they will put our name in for a stateside transfer. this means that our names will go back to the 12 apostles, and they will decide where i go in the US. i will only go there until i get my visa, then they will make arrangements for me to go to spain! we'll see. i am okay with whatever happens...!!!

Take Care,
Hermana Valerie Letendre

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