Monday, December 19, 2011

Hermana Letendre would love to hear from YOU!!

Valerie would love to you from YOU! If you have a few minutes write her a note. There are different ways you can do so.

**You can leave a message here at her blog and I, Crystal--her sister, will forward your notes to her.

**You can send a note from

**Or you can send her a letter to the address below:

Hermana Valerie Letendre

Spain Málaga Mission

Av. Jesús Santos Rein Nº 2,3 D-E

Edif. ofisol, Fuengirola

29640 Málaga


She would love to hear from YOU!!


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  1. Merry Christmas Val! Love seeing your great pictures and want to hear more about your life as a Sister Missionary.