Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pictures from Provo, UT!

Valerie sent a few pictures home that she would like to share with everyone. Sorry for the poor quality. I will scan in better quality images soon!

This is Hermana Valerie Letendre and her companion Hermana Crowder studying.

It was confirmed to Valerie a few weeks ago that the world is indeed small. After talking with her companion, Hermana Crowder, she found out that her mother is from Oxford, Massachusetts. That is super crazy because growing up we lived in Massachusetts and was part of the Worcester, MA Ward, which later split and was the Oxford, MA Ward! Valerie told us her mother's maiden name because it seemed so familiar to her. Guess what?! We knew them! Hermana Crowder's grandfather, Bishop Holbrook, married Valerie's parents on December 3, 1976! What a small world!
This is Hermana Letendre, Hermana Smith, Hermana Crowder, and Hermana Walker.
The four of them are in the same district. This is our first day in their room!

District outside of Provo, UT Temple. They walk the grounds of the temple every Sunday.
This is the whole district! All of the Elders are heading to Texas---Spanish speaking.

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