Monday, August 1, 2011


This week all of the Hermamas in my district who are going to Spain got a letter from the travel office saying that we have not gotten our visas yet so we will probably not be leaving the MTC on time... we will probably be here for longer... That is a little disappointing, but We really like it here and I would like to stay here a little longer. There are many great things about the MTC'... we really like the elders in our district, and we will be sad to leave them. They are like little brothers to us already. Theya ll get along so well, and they lighten up our day with their jokes and laughter... sometimes too many jokes, but it is really nice to have them around. Another thing that is great about the MTC in provo is that we get to have amanzing firesides on sunday and tuesday nights. We have great speakers come in.

With Love,

Hermana Valerie Letendre

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