Monday, November 14, 2011

Hair Cut and a 4 Hour Drive to Zone Conference in Malaga!

I hope you are doing well, and that it is not too cold there in CT! It was unusually warm here this week, and it was so interesting how we could really see a difference in the people when it was a bit warmer.... we had noticed for the few weeks before that as the weather had cooled off a bit, so had the people... nobody wanted to listen to us at all!! but this past week was a bit better... we were able to get 25 people´s contact info this week which is much more than we have gotten the last two weeks... We had 20 lessons in total this week. We still are not sure that we have anyone that will be getting baptized anytime soon, but we do know some wonderful people.

Guess what_ I am getting my hair cut today!! woo hoo!! i am excited. i am going in 30 minutes!!! I am going to get about 2 inches off... nothing too much. my hair has gotten sooooo long!! It will be my first haircut in another country..i am kind of nervous, but im usre it will be fine! hopefully i dont end up with a mullet or somethign! haha

We get to go to Malaga tomorrow for Zone Conference!!! I am soooooo excited! WE are driving there with the senior missionary couple who lives here in Ciudad Real, the Cleggs. Because we are driving with them, we get to sleep over in the mission home for a night, then go to zone conference in the morning and then come back to ciudad real!!! Malaga is about a 4 hour drive! it will be nice to see some difference scenery on the drive and i am realy exicted to be able to sleep over int he mission home! we are really lucky because other missionaries dont usually get to sleep over at the mission home for zone conference!!!! woo hooooo!! Anyways, things are going well.... I am doing well and love hearing from you all.

Take Care,
Hermana Letendre

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