Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween in Ciudad Real, Espana!

This week we celebrated halloween as well! My companion and i put on a halloween party for our whole district-- there were about 70 people there!! WOW! That is amazing considering that there were abuot 85 at out district conference last week.... we put ont his party specifically to try to get members to invite their friends... and it was a success... we had at least 21 non members just from cuidad real at the party!!! it was seriously the best night ever!!!! wow!!!!! and my comp and i planned the whole thing!!!!!!! we started out with some games... we did a mummy wrapping competition with toilet paper, then we did the game where you eat a doughnut off a string, then we did bobbing for apples!!!!! everynoe was going crrraazzyyy!!!! it was soooooo great!!! I had to do the bobbing for apples even though i didnt want to... haha one of our investigator´s daughers wanted to do it, and nobody else wanted to go against her... so i was nice and did it... we then had trick or treat! we had members decorate doors and give out candy.... people from uor branch were the only ones who did the trick or treat! also our branch was sooo awesome and was dancing and doing all of the games!!! wow! what a great thing! also the president of our branch and his wife got 7 non members to come! they were soooo excited!!! they are so excited to invite their friends to other church activities... so that was a success all in itself!!! wow!

This week as far as teaching goes, it was pretty normal. i dont have any specific stories to wrtie.. i am still doing well... trying to learn more spanish! still hard to understand a bit... but i am getting better!

Take Care,
Hermana Letendre

My companion and I.. we dressed as dominos... and the man to the left is our branch president, and the man to the right is our branch mission leader, hermano gallego! what a costume!!! hermano gallego has hair like my dad in real life... and he told us missionaries that he hates halloween and would not dress us... BUT he dressed up and he did a door for trick or treat! he is great!!!!! wow!!!!

me at the cemetery on dia de los muertos! everyone brings flowers to their relatives graves! wow!
me and my comp with our halloween teeth! thank mom and dad!!! a view of the halloween party during our dancing part!!

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