Monday, January 16, 2012

Dos Hermanas!!

So this week was kind of a normal week, except this week, a LOT of people fallared us... (this means that they stood us up!). although we didnt have a lot of lessons, we had a good week! my companion and I were having a great week, then on saturday morning i received a phone call from President Clegg...............................He told me that I am going to be transferred rom Ciudad Real. I will be leaving Wednesday the 25th. I was not expecting to be transferred--i was thinking i would be here for one more transfer. Ok, so there is more news! President also told me that I will be going to an area that currently doesnt have hermanas--a city called Dos Hermanas!!!!! Right now there are Elders in Dos Hermanas, but the ward there has been asking for a set of hermanas. So, President is granting their wish and he is putting dos hermanas in Dos Hermanas!!! The Elders who are there are going to be moving to a pueblo outside of Dos Hermanas and we will be living in the Elder´s current appartment. Wow!! Dos Hermanas is located outside of Sevilla, so I will be going to Sevilla once a week for district meetings and all! how cool! oh... and that is not all. After President told me that I would be transferred to Dos Hermanas, he also told me that I will be training a new hermana. That´s right.... training! Whatttttt?! I couldnt believe it! This is sooo crazy! I was just barely trained. I only have 3 transfers in the mission, and I am going to train. Usually trainers have much more time in the mission. I felt pretty overwhelmed at first. It is really an interesting situation because I will be moving to a new area AND I will be training. We will have to learn the area together, we wil have to learn everything together! wow! President seems to have a lot of confidence in me, and so does the Lord. I am working on having confidence in myself! This is a pretty big task. I feel like I still need a companion who speaks better spanish then me, i feel like i still need a companion to turn to to ask what to do in certain siutations... but starting next week, I am going to be the one whois turned to.

This is all really unbelieveable. I can´t even believe this it really happened! I have so much to do to prepare myself to train this hermana!!! But, I am so grateful for this situation. It is going to be hard, but hard things always make us stronger--always help us to learn and to grow. Although I question whether I have the ability to do this, I know with all of my heart that with the Lord´s help I can do it. I know already that this is going to be an amazing experience-- that I am going to grow so close to the Lord because I am going to have to rely on Him so much more. I feel so honored that the Lord has so much faith in me and is putting one of his missionaries in my hands--to teach her and to guide her. What an opportunity! wow!! Can you believe it?!!

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