Monday, January 9, 2012

Working Hard in the Vineyard!

On dia de los reyes, some members took us our for churros and chocolate for breakfast, then we went out to their house in the campo to PICK OLIVES!!!!!!!!! I told them when I first found out that they have olive trees that I really wanted to help them pick them!!!! As you all know this is like a dream of mine!.... well I did it!!
we spent the morning picking 4 huge buckets of olives. Normally people dont pick the olives by hand like this.. but they dont have many trees, so this was the best way to do it. We did it in many different ways.. we also took big sticks and hit the top branches so that the olives would come off! it was soooo fun! it was soooo great!
afterwards, we stayed at their house in the campo to eat lunch! we had a very spanish meal of salad, cheese, pork, and chorizo!! it was sooo good! they have a special barbacue house that they cooked the meat on.. it was cooked on an open fire and was super delicious!!! it was such a wonderful day!!!!

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  1. Hello Hermana Letendre!
    So fun to read about your olive picking adventure. Recently I have been checking out the anti pasto bar in whole foods. I never realized how many varieties of olives there are! I am thrilled for your service and pray for your success.
    David survived his first semester and is enjoying going to moot SP? court this week. You sound happy...hope everything is wonderful!
    Carol Taylor