Monday, July 23, 2012

The Economy in Spain

Crystal had an excellent question in her letter, and I'll answer it here so you all can read the answer... she asked if it is apparent living here day to day that the economy is bad... the answer is YES. it is really bad here. so many stores have been closed. everyone we talk to is looking for jobs.. there are no jobs. if you have a job, you are lucky. everyone is always talking about the crisis... it is really intense.  there are people who cannot come to church all the time because they dont have gas money to get there because they are out of work... the crisis also is affecting missionary work. In some ways it is good because there are so many people out of jobs, and so they have more time to meet with us, but then again it is bad because there are SO many people in the street that say that if there was a god that things wouldnt be so bad right now... all most people can think about is getting food on the table and finding a job-- they cant think about next week, nevermind eternity.. that is a little difficult. but with that being said, of course there are some people who are still doing ok. just the majority of poeple we talk to do not have enough.. it is really intense. 

lets see, i love you all so much! i hit my year mark in the mission this past week! one year ago i left home! i cant believe it! i cant wait to see you all!

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